Which Glass Items Potential Customers Like To Purchase During The Canton Fair?

- Jun 19, 2017-

There are so many new glass items get presented each Canton Fair, and how can your glass products appeal to a potential customer? I believe potential customers are always looking for either cheap or special glass products.


Cheap glass items are mainly machine-made glass items. Usually, machine-made glass items need high MOQ ( e.g. 20000-30000pcs) per order and most of time the color option is limited to transparent color. This year our company wants to recommend new hobnail stemmed machine-made drinking glasses and votive glass candle holders.


Speaking of special glass items, each year the trend changes for glass products. I noticed the jadeite glasses became popular since last year. If you are looking for jadeite or milky white or bi-color jade glasses, we like to source for you. Currently, our jadeite collection carries jadeite cake stand, jadeite plates, and bi-color jade glass bowls.


The 121st Canton Fair was ended for a while, but we will keep sourcing the new glass products and present those elegant glass items to you via our website www.hfuglassware.com. Feel free to contact us via email (info@hfuglass.com or jiyinxiao@hfuglass.com).

glass items custome like at Canton Fair.jpg

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