New Delivery Option: Direct Rail Services From Inland Of China To Europe

- Jan 09, 2019-

New Delivery Option: Direct Rail Services from Inland of China to Europe


In the past, maritime shipping is our primary choice for deliver our glassware bulk goods to clients in Europe. Occasionally, some urgent samples or goods will be shipped by air. Recently, we face delivery problem that the client wants to receive goods before Jan 2019. However, the goods will not be ready until early December 2018 and there will be not enough time if we choose maritime shipment.


Fortunately, rail service offer a more competitive middle option between maritime and air freight.  It is a regular weekly service with Chengdu as its departure station, and Rotterdam as final destination. Because it is a non-stop directly rail service, we were able to deliver goods within 20 days.


In the future, I can see rail service between from China to Europe will face a dramatic growth for time-sensitive and high-value products.

direct rail service

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