Olive Oil And Vinegar Cruet Grape Bunch Design

Olive Oil And Vinegar Cruet Grape Bunch Design

As a two in one cruet, you can store two different liquids inside. It has a grape-separated compartment, so it is called a grape cruet. Outside the grape, it has a second compartment.Each spout has a cork to hold your oil and vinegar.

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There are have 16 differenet  kinds type and multiple size for available .  It is a two-in-one  glass cruet to hold oil and vinegar. Simply add your favorite oil to the outer bottle and add vinegar to the inner bottle - try mixing grape seed oil with sherry vinegar or extra virgin olive oil with aged balsamic vinegar. The cork cover securely holds the contents in place.

The grape portion is crafted in clear glass in a subtle way: it is a decorative and functional addition to the kitchen or dining table. This well-designed design prevents liquid confusion.


Handmade glass with interior room of grape clusters.
Double nozzle for easy dumping and service.
Includes two cork stoppers.
Does not include oil and vinegar. Easy to clean: dishwasher safe and can be kept clean for easy care.


Product Material :

Borosilicate glass with cork stopper


Normal brown inner boxes or gift boxes or PVC boxes with safety master carton.

Lead time:

45-60 days


1000 pcs


1. Recommend cleaning before use. If not used for a long time, keep the bottle clean.
2. Due to the different density of oil and water, the performance of the oil may not be good when injected. We recommend that you keep the bottle vertical for a better fog. Do not tilt the bottle more than 45 degrees. Keep away from chemicals to avoid corrosion.
3. Keep away from fire sources to avoid softening and deformation.

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