Oil And Vinegar Cruet Grape

Oil And Vinegar Cruet Grape

This 2 in 1 oil and vinegar grape cruet set is a must have for your kitchen. With cork lids on each spout to keep the bugs and dust out.

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Product Details


The oil and vinegar crut grape is beautiful in shape and special in design. Oil and Vinegar can be separately put in one dispenser, which is very convenient for kitchen use.

It allows you to pour oil and vinegar from the same bottle, while keeping them separate. This cruet has two corks, the vinegar is placed in the interior grape shaped container and oil is kept in the outer container.


○The grape part is crafted inside the clear glass in an artful manner:it is a decorative and functional addition to your kitchen or dining table. Such a well built design prevents the liquid from mixing up.

○Each spout covered by the cork lids that keep bugs and dust out.

○Can be sold separately

○Easy to clean: dishwasher safe and can be kept clean for easy care.


Product Material:

Borosilicate glass with cork lid


gourd shape oil and vinegar cruet: dia 11.5 X H 21 cm

triangle shape oil and vinegar cruet: dia 11.5 H 19 cm


Normal brown inner boxes or gift boxes or PVC boxes with safety master carton.

Lead time:

45-60 days


1000 pcs

How to Clean the Glass Cruets?

1. Put on a pair of rubber gloves,then empty it and rinse well, shaking it with very warm to hot tap water.
2. Pour small amount of Palmolive Gel Dishwasher Detergent in cruet (2–3 Tablespoons), then add very warm to hot tap water to fill the cruet about 1/2 full.
3. Cover spout opening/openings with fingers, then gently shake it to mix Palmolive Gel and water.
4. Add enough warm to hot tap water to completely fill the cruet, then set the filled it in the sink, and let it soak for about 5 minutes.
5. Shake soapy mixture well and rinse several times.
6. Carefully set cruet upside down on a clean dish cloth to remove any excess water.

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