Glass Bottle For Baby

Glass Bottle For Baby

Glass bottle for baby made of Type I glass, called borosilicate glass or neutral glass. They are guaranteed to be BPA-free and have no migration risk (phthalates, sulfides). Borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of expansion that enhances its resistance to heat and mechanical shock. Compared to soda lime glass, borosilicate glass has a higher electrical resistance.

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Product Details

Basic information

    Product Name glass bottle for baby
    Product Material borosilicate glass
    Product Dimensio     large size :Max dia60*H121mm ,   220ML
       Medium: Max dia64*H115mm   ,   180ML
   Small  size : Max dia53*H98mm  ,     120ML
    Package     Normal brown inner boxes with safety master carton
    Lead time    35days



The glass is structurally pure, making any interaction with the stored liquid impossible. Glass baby bottles also have the great advantage of maintaining a certain temperature for a longer period of time. They do not swell when the temperature is too high or when exposed to lower temperatures.

It is the ideal glass for baby bottles, which undergo temperature changes when heated in a microwave oven. Unlike plastic bottles, glass baby bottles can be sterilized and can be washed aseptically.


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