What is the difference between red and white wine glasses?

- Mar 02, 2020-

                              What is the difference between red and white wine glasses?

Regarding the use of red wine glasses and white wine glasses, many ordinary people ignore the influence of using different types of wine glasses when drinking beverages, and destroy the original aroma and flavor of wine.

Red wine glasses have larger bowls and shorter stems. Wide bowls of red wine can better expose the wine to the air, so that all these aromas and flavors are revealed. It also has a complex lip cone on the bowl, which helps to better deliver the wine to the right part of the drinker's mouth. The shorter stem is because using a wine glass does not really instruct the drinker to hold it from the stem or bowl. Even if the drinker holds the glass while drinking, in this particular case, the heat of his hand has virtually no effect on the taste or aroma of the wine.

In contrast, a white wine glass has a longer and taller stem. It also has a narrower bowl that looks more elegant and is picked up by the drinker from the stem during use. The narrower bowl is because white wine does not need to be inflated compared to red wine. Compared with the red wine glass, the slight change of the lips of the white wine glass can make the white wine flow to the front of the mouth more easily.

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