What is lead-free crystal glass?

- Sep 05, 2017-

What is lead-free crystal glass?

To understand what is lead-free crystal glass, we need to first understand what is crystal glass. According to EU guidance, when a glass contains at least 24% of lead, it then can be called crystal glass. Therefore, lead-free crystal glass should actually be called fine glass. When making this type of glass, the lead is replaced with potassium oxide. You can also call lead-free crystal glass as potassium glass.

Potassium glass has many same characteristics like crystal glass. For example:

1. it has higher refractive index than normal glass

2. It can produce a lovely “ping” sound when you making a toast

3. It is 5 times stronger than normal glass

When you want to buy luxurious glassware, potassium glass is a healthy alternative with many handsome decanter, stemware, and wine glass set to choose from.

potassium glassware.jpg

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