What is a proper whiskey glass?

- Mar 05, 2020-

                                                         What is a proper whiskey glass?

The shape of the whiskey glass enhances the drinking and tasting experience. The most popular glasses have tulip-shaped glasses and rock glasses.

Tulip-shaped glass

It has become the choice of distillation masters, bartenders and true whisky connoisseurs around the world. Its long stem prevents drinkers' hands (and its contaminated odor) from getting too close to the nose, while its bowl-like flavor concentrates the aroma through the slightly narrow edges. The glass can be easily filled, so spirits can be heated as needed. Overall, this is a glass suitable for truly admiring the nuances of a single malt whiskey.

Whiskey glass 

Also known as rock glass, vintage glass, low ball) .Tumbler glasses are the most common of all whiskey glasses and are the standard choice for serving whiskey drinks. These glasses are usually 7 to 12 ounces. Large capacity to serve pure whiskey on rocks or in whiskey cocktails. The glass is wide at the edges and can be used to fill ice and your choice of whiskey, or hold any number of classic cocktails.

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