Types of glass vase

- Mar 09, 2020-

                                                                Types of glass vase

A simple glass vase and a green plant will make our environment full of life. It can also be used as a handicraft to decorate our house and become a beautiful landscape.

Hanging glass vase
It can be hung in our house or under the ceiling.
This vase is usually designed as a circle, like a hanging ring. It has many different shapes, mostly made of borosilicate glass, and is usually between 12-20cm in size. As mentioned earlier, its body usually has a large opening. Multipurpose, can be used as flower hydroponic vase, micro landscape DIY bottle or candle holder. For home decoration, wedding, banquet, candlelight dinner, wedding banquet, hotel, Valentine's Day, bar, home and other holiday decoration.

Wall mounted glass vase
This glass vase is very similar to a hanging bottle. It is made of borosilicate glass. The difference is that the wall-mounted glass vase does not have a small hanging ring design. Flower pots hang on the wall. Easy to install and remove, easy to wash or replace plant water, and light weight overall. Can be used for light plants such as water plants and flowers to help purify the air, and can be displayed in your living room, indoor garden, balcony, adding a modern and stylish sense to the living environment.

Ornamental glass vases
Ornamental glass vases are basically made of soda lime glass and are the most common vase in our daily life. They come in all shapes and sizes. Sizes range from 0.49ft to 0.98ft . Not only can meet the needs of flower lovers, but also can be customized according to the hobby of different people, focusing on post-processing, such as spray painting, electroplating, etc.

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