What are the differences between machine made glass and hand-blown glass?

- Feb 02, 2018-

What are the differences between machine made glass and hand-blown glass?


When making the glassware, there are two methods. One is machine made, and another is hand-blown. People often ask: what are the differences between these two methods? General speaking, the price, the mould cost, the color of the glass, and the design of the glass are the main four aspects that made the machine made glass different from hand blown glass.


The most visible aspect is the price difference. Take an tumbler glass for example, normal transparent machine made tumbler can be 3 times cheaper than clear hand blown tumbler.


On the other hand, the mould cost of hand blown glass are much less than the machine made glassware. In fact, the machine made glassware need about 10-18 mould during bulk production. Meanwhile, the hand blown glass only need 1 -2 mould for production.


The color glass are some people’s favorite. Hand-blown factory’s furnace can produce several different solid color glass at the same time while machine made glass supplier usually just produce transparent color glassware. Nowadays, few big machine made glass producers begin to offer color glass items, but the MOQ they asked is extremely high and they can only offer limited few colors.


Lastly, certain glass design can only be made hand-blown. Take vintage wine glass for example, some has unique stem and can only be attached to the wine glass bowl manually. Other wine glasses have very thin rim thickness, and machine cannot make very thin rim.


Above are the main differences between machine made glass and hand-blown glass.

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