Laser Engraving glass

- Aug 29, 2019-

                                       What is laser Engraving glass ?

Laser engraving offers the possibility of simple, precise and especially permanent marking without changing the properties of the glass. The advantages of laser engraving are especially direct and non-contact processing. This reduces expensive work steps such as pattern preparation, foil sticking, foil residue removal, processing area cleaning, and the like.In addition, very fine details can be engraved, even sharp images and brightness gradients, during which the surface of the glass sheet is scratched and matt. In this way, with the high precision of the CO 2 laser, the decorations, letters, logos can be engraved onto the image on the glass panel.

Non-contact engraving, so there is no need to fix the glass

Precise and fast direct marking without pattern

Laser machining without tool wear - no need to change tools
Non-contact marking reduces damage
High repeatability, constant engraving quality
Can engrave very fine details
No dust or dirt when sandblasting - less cleaning effort

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