How do you clean a cloudy glass decanter?

- Mar 03, 2020-

                                         How do you clean a cloudy glass decanter?

Glassware adds a lot of style to dining. Usually, we use decanters and glass bottles to hold wine. But how to clean is a problem. First, do not leave the beverage in it for a long time. It will change color and spoil earlier than the bottle in the bottle. Please clean it as soon as possible after use.
It is not recommended to use detergents, as it can easily leave chemical odors in the utensil if they are not rinsed clean.

When washing the inside, a drop of rinse aid from the dishwasher helps drain more freely when rinsed with fresh water.

Rinse with cold water in a kettle. It has (mostly) deposited scale.

If there are stains or white rings, do not corrode with any abrasive. Lead crystal glass is soft and can scratch.

Lime scale can dissolve away.

Clear vinegar can be swirled, and residue on the residue usually cleans it up.

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