glass food containers

- Aug 30, 2019-

         Is it safe to store food in glass containers?

Proper storage of food can prevent the growth of bacteria, prolong the life of food, prevent food from drying out and producing odors. Food storage containers are very clean and can only be used to store food and leftovers. We know that glass can be safely used in hot liquids and hot foods. When heated in a glass food storage container, potentially harmful chemicals are not immersed in our diet. Plastic containers are undoubtedly convenient - they are lightweight, easy to carry and not prone to breakage. However, plastic is a major environmental problem and poses a health risk when heated, if possible, it is recommended to choose a glass food storage container. Although they are less convenient, they can be used without care for hot or cold foods, and they are ideal for home food storage.

Safer than plastic
Glass is more suitable for the earthGlass is more heat resistant than plastic
High transparency
Easy to clean

Do not absorb the smell

More durable
Microwave heating safety
Dishwasher safety未标题-6

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