Glass Decanter With Ice Holder

Glass Decanter With Ice Holder

A glass decanter with ice holder is the perfect choice to quickly cool down water, wine, margarita, martini, sake or juice. This stylish carafe can hold your favorite drink, and it has a built-in freezer on the side to keep it cold without watering. Very innovative and unique design.

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Product Details

Basic information

    Product Name    glass decanter with ice holder
    Product Material    crystal glass
    Product Dimension    H173*Max dia178mm
    Package     Normal brown inner boxes with safety master carton
    Lead time     35-45days
    Moq      2000pcs

Product Information

Lead-free glass, crystal glass material, safe and healthy. The inner and outer bladder are integrally formed, seamlessly connected, and exquisite in craftsmanship.

It is a two-process tool that decants and cools the wine at the same time, and the ice cubes at the back keep the wine cool.

Used for wine and whiskey, it is also a cold jug for bears, wine, whiskey, juice, milk and other beverages.

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