Unbreakable Stemless Glass Set

Unbreakable Stemless Glass Set

Unbreakable stemless glass set not fragile, it is easy to hold in the hand due to the curved body. At the same time, the slightly narrow opening ensures that the liquid remains inside while moving the glass. If you want a good wine, they can even help develop and preserve the aroma of the wine.

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Product Details

Basic information

    Product Name unbreakable  stemless glass set
    Product Material     crystal glass
    Product Dimension    large size :Max dia83*H150mm
Medium: Max dia93*H104mm
  Small  size : Max dia77*H88mm
    Package     Normal brown inner boxes with safety master carton
    Lead time    35days



Party Safety - This plastic wine glass is elegant, safe and non-breakable. They are dishwasher safe (TOP SHELF only) and can be reused.
Versatile use - Our customers use these drinking waters for wine, cocktails, juices, smoothies, desserts, mocktails and simple drinking glasses. They are easy to carry and can be used in gardens, poolsides, offices, restaurants, terraces, boats, camping, picnics and travel.
The cup is clear and transparent. The curved shape is easy to hold in the hand, especially for the elderly and children, and the slightly narrow opening prevents spillage during movement.


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