Wine Glass For Red And White

Wine Glass For Red And White

Launched a new generation of machine-built, lead-free and dishwasher-safe wine glasses,From the first touch, its distinguishes itself from all others and stands on a thin point where the form fits the function.

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Product Details

Basic information

    Product Name      wine glass for red and white
    Product Material     crystal glass
    Package     Normal brown inner boxes with safety master carton
    Lead time    35-45days
    Moq    2000pcs

Product Information

The large bowl and wide mouth of the red wine glass maintain the taste and aroma and release these characteristics when tasting , so they are the two main characteristics of the red wine glass. In addition, the glass should be transparent, allowing you to check the color of the wine as clearly as possible.

For white wine, liqueur takes a glass of white wine glass wide, allowing the wine to touch the taste receptors on the tongue while drinking white wine. Whole body (rich) a glass of white wine and a tall glass. It will help to deliver the wine to the base of the tongue. Add a more solid texture.

Champagne and sparkling glass are characterized by a long glass shape with a narrow mouth, as this glass helps to reduce exposure to the air and keep the foam and squeak as much as possible. In addition, a champagne glass was designed, the distance between the bottom of the glass and the mouth. Bubble making longer trips adds fun to wine and champagne. A champagne glass or a glass of sparkling wine (sparkling wine) should be very long. Moderately prevent the champagne from smelling bad.

Product dimensions


top dia:63.8mm
max dia for bowl: 81.2mm
base dia:81mm


top dia:44.6mm
max dia for bowl: 59.6mm
base dia:78mm


top dia:49mm
max dia for bowl: 56mm
base dia:70mm


Machine made 

Lead-free crystal 

Highly transparent

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