Healthy Snifter Glass Set

Healthy Snifter Glass Set

Healthy snifter glass set is a generously exquisitely delicate crystal that seamlessly blends the broad curves of traditional brandy glass with the dramatic diamonds and wedge cuts of the pattern. Ideal for brandy, Armagnac, Calvados or eau de vie, this heavy glass is perfect for one-handed grip and adds warmth and aroma to the it .

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Product Details

Basic information

     Product Name  Healthy snifter glass set
    Product Dimension
Big:     Top9.1*Basic8.1*H13.7cm 
Small: Top8.1*Basic7.1*H12cm 
    Package     Normal brown inner boxes with safety master carton
    Lead time    35-45days
    Moq    3000pcs

Cleaning method 

When using manual cleaning, avoid using scouring pads and/or abrasive cleaners. To prevent spots, mix a quarter cup of ammonia with a mild lemon detergent. Rinse with water and air dry on the shelf. Fill a half full cleaning vase and decanter with an appropriate amount of hot water, a small amount of mild detergent, two tablespoons of white vinegar or ammonia and 1/2 cup of uncooked rice. Rotate the rice for a few minutes to remove the residue. Rinse with moderate hot water, invert, and air dry on the shelf.


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