Glass Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottle

The surface of is Glass Water Bottle is smooth, which is easy to clean, health and hygiene

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Product Details


Product Name:Glass Water Bottle

Product Material :

Borosilicate glass with silicone sleeve



●Glass drinking bottles with silicone sleeve

●With the carrying loop on the top allow you to keep the glass bottle at your side

●Dishwasher safe


Large bottle: Dia 6.5 X H 24.2cm (capacity 550ml, about 19.35oz)

Medium bottle: Dia 6.5 X H 21cm (capacity 450ml, about 14.78oz)

Small bottle: Dia 6.0 X H19.5cm (capacity 360ml, about 12.6oz)


Normal brown inner boxes with safety master carton.

Lead time:

35-45 days




1. The surface of is Glass Water Bottle is smooth, which is easy to clean, health and hygiene. But stainless steel cup, ceramic cup, purple sand cup and other surface can not be observed by the naked eye because of the gap, bacteria, impurities, tea dirt and other easily attached, which is not easy to clean;

2. The glass is transparent and pure, and when making tea and other drinks, you can see the shape and color of the brewing substance, bringing good sensory enjoyment.

3. The Glass Water Bottle has a certain effect of protecting the cold and heat, and the tea making effect can ensure the good taste of tea and repeated brewing, while the vacuum structure of the stainless steel cup can easily cause the tea to become paste and affect the taste.

4. The design and color of the Glass Water Bottle is changeable, and the fine workmanship reflects the taste of the user.

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