Borosilicate Glass Double Wall Tea Mug

Borosilicate Glass Double Wall Tea Mug

This double-layered coffee cup prevents heat insulation and makes our hot tea safer and more convenient .Enjoy Flower tea, green tea, black tea, juice, beverage, milk, coffee.

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There are have 4  colors handle , clear , pink , green , blue . Double-layer borosilicate glass keeps the temperature of the beverage, whether it is hot or cold, for a longer period of time! In all of this, the exterior glass wall stays cool so you can easily hold the cup. Our oscillating cup microwaves and dishwashers are not only safe, but they are also safe for the refrigerator. These unique teacups add a dramatic effect to your everyday teacups while also preventing condensation. The enticing visual appeal makes it a must-have for any café, shop or kitchen! Add a sense of luxury and elegance with this borosilicate glass double wall tea mug


Product Name:borosilicate glass double wall tea mug

Product Material :

Borosilicate glass

Product Overview:

●Made of durable, lightweight, thermal borosilicate glass

●Two sleek layer design keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot

●Safe in the microwave and dishwasher


Max dia 12cm X Height 8.5cm


Normal brown inner boxes with safety master carton.

Lead time:

35-45 days




Our glasses are hand blown from durable borosilicate glass, allowing them to be thinner, lighter, capable of withstanding thermal shock, scratch, and break resistant.

The dishwasher is safe but separate from other dishes to avoid potential effects. Add ice to the liquid and avoid using the automatic ice dispenser.


1.When cleaning tea stains, toothpaste is recommended, which is clean and will not scratch the cup body.

2.It is recommended to using wood stirrer to avoid metal hard objects contacting the cup body and causing cracks. Uneven heat will lead to cracking.

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